Revamp Your Nightclub With DJ Services

Work with Josh Thomas Productions in Odessa, TX and the Permian Basin area

After years on the scene, you may want to mix things up in your nightclub. A DJ at Josh Thomas Productions will work with you to host exciting events in the Odessa, Texas and Permian Basin area. Bringing in a DJ can create buzz for your club and keep regular visitors excited about coming back.

Our event DJ will work with you to customize the music to fit your establishment. Speak with our team today by calling 432-889-7340.

nightclub dj Odessa, TX

How does it work?

Nightclubs are known for having dance-worthy music. Josh Thomas Productions wants to help you bring an exciting beat into your nightclub.

When we work with a nightclub, the DJ will...

  • Consult with the bar owner or manager about dates and pricing.
  • Go over the vibe of the nightclub and the type of music desired.
  • Choose playlist or song preferences and add-ons, such as fog.

Hiring an event DJ is a great way to bring new customers into your nightclub and switch things up for regulars.

Hosting a holiday event this season? Call Josh Thomas Productions today to reserve a DJ.